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Monday, December 26, 2011

Yes! It works!

Check out this ABC News piece (if you haven't already,) on the power of buying American!


We can do this in a thousand different ways across the country...


  1. What is most interesting to me about this is not so much the nationalism of "Made in America" but the fact that people are passionate enough about their nails to make them so they won't jam in the nail gun. And from the photos you could see the pride in Moen's team making their unique contribution through being clear about their passion for manufacturing quality fixtures. The reason Toyota took over market share from the big auto makers in Detroit is because they were passionate about making a car that could last for hundreds of thousands of miles with models that had the lowest emissions and highest gas mileage. As a consumer I would not buy American or even local if the products were shoddy or poorly made. Those businesses with a passion for quality, energy efficiency and proud and happy workers will be the winners wherever they are located. And more of those kind of businesses here in the U.S., means more jobs here. So passion has to be the basis upon which we build a sustainable economy that includes various degrees of global exchange.

  2. Randy, I totally agree! I think one of the great tragedies of American culture today is that we've become so bottom-line oriented (highest profits for business, lowest prices for consumers,) that we've almost completely eliminated personal passion and satisfaction in work itself. The culture I vision for America and the world honors every job well done as a blessing to all, and values passion and satisfaction in work as much as the bottom line.